Educational tourism to market Manicaland

By Kenias Chivuzhe

A Manicaland Province based school has adopted the concept of educational tourism as part of the Education 5.0 model, with various packages being offered in the Eastern Highlands.

Manicaland is one of the most intriguing tourism destinations that have the potential to offer diversified tourism packages through tapping into Edu-tourism, whose popularity is booming across the globe.

To tap into these vast opportunities, a Mutasa based school has developed a unique tourism facility.

“We have set up this unit because we wanted to bring 5.0 curriculum closer home where youngsters can contribute to the growth of the economy by encouraging youths to participate in the tourism sector.

“The wonderland park that has artefacts of animals is one of the unique offerings. This bird park where we have various types of birds that include ostriches is meant for educational tourism. The concept enables young learners to learn how to penetrate the tourism sector.

“We also have tortoises that are popular with learners. Knows Wonderland will soon have camels which are mainly found in arid and desert areas. We hope this is going to change our participation platform since this is going to provide a unique experience,” said Knowstics Group of Schools Director William Mukuwapasi.

An artist who has constructed the artefacts in the park, Moses Marezva says he is now working on handicrafts of extinct animals for the benefit of the young generation.

“We have different artefacts. We are still making more products. We are going to make animals that are extinct or are nearing extinction. There is a need to educate a leaner by displaying artefacts of the real objects and animals.”

The students are equally impressed with the widening of the knowledge base.

“We have activities such as horse riding as well as ziplines and fishing projects. We have the culture hut to help us in our history studies. The various tourism offerings have exposed our minds to the importance of the sector.”

The school’s tourism initiative is in line with government calls for increased investments in the sector to grow the industry.

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