Financial literacy critical in empowerment of women

By Yolanda Moyo

WOMEN in small to medium enterprises in Bulawayo were this weekend capacitated with financial literacy as a means to inculcate a culture of stable entrepreneurship among them.

It was all glitz and glamour as female entrepreneurs in the city attended a financial literacy training seminar meant to enhance their businesses.

Some of the panelists at the business seminar stressed the importance of empowering women with financial literacy saying it is essential in unlocking stumbling blocks for women in business.

“We created this platform so that women can come together and learn about how to manage their finances and network as we aim to grow their businesses,” said Nomalanga Ndlovu of Outspoken Women.

“The aim for this platform is to catalyse the bridging of the financial exclusion gap among women in Bulawayo by offering financial literacy and entrepreneurship training as well as other business scaling up opportunities,” noted Thubelihle Ndlovu of Purse on Point.

Businesswoman Martha Maguchu said: “We have noted that there still exists a gap that needs to be addressed if women entrepreneurs are to contribute meaningfully to the development of the economy. Financial education has not been accessible, leaving the majority of Zimbabwe’s population out of participating fully in financial activities, So, there is a need to avail financial literacy to everyone especially women.”

Participants at the event called for more platforms to be availed to them as they enable them to make wise investment options.

“We have learnt a lot today and sometimes when you are in business you don’t understand some of the things and having this was such an eye opener for me. Financial literacy is a step in the right direction in the growth and stability of business. I wish l had has such an opportunity years back. I believe these platforms should be availed to every woman in any corner in the country,” said Marylyn Jangira.

In Zimbabwe, a number of business initiatives have been put in place to empower women and help them in fighting poverty.