Dubai Expo 2020 postponed to 2021

By ZBC Reporter

The multi billion dollar innovation fair, expo 2020 Dubai which has been postponed by a year to October 2021

The country was ready to promote “Brand Zimbabwe” and unpack Vision 2030 at the Dubai Expo 2020 but these aspirations were redirected due  to the covid 19 pandemic.      

The expo was scheduled to run from October this year to April 2021 in the United Arab Emirates.

However,  a lot is going on behind the scenes. Zimbabwe’s Commissioner General for the Expo ambassador Mary Mubi speaks on how Zimbabwe is safely navigating the impact of COVID-19 and on strides achieved behind the scenes.

“Expo 2020 was moved from October 2020 to 1 October 2021-31 March 2022.   Companies for content programming have been contracted and have started work,” she says.

There are about 14 Zimbabwean companies working on Expo programme.  There was a virtual meeting for Expo 2020 International Participants Meeting on the way forward and availing of a lot of opportunities for participating countries,  the meeting was on 24 to 27 August.

Zimbabwe is among countries that have contributed to a children’s story book called  “Children’s tales from around the world”

“This is the very first time that a folkstory from Zimbabwe has been exhibited on such an important platform complete with visual illustrations and amongst folkstories from several other nations. It is indeed an achievement and a source of great pride to the people of Zimbabwe,” Mary Mubi adds.

The digital book is available free of charge in Portable Document Format, PDF, on the Explain 2020 Dubai School Program website and will be available via several media platforms and the organisers in Zimbabwe are working with local media houses including the state broadcaster ZBC to ensure as many young readers as possible are able to access the book.