Documentary on women in politics launched

By ZBC Reporter
A local feminist movement, Whispers, has launched a documentary which chronicles the journeys, challenges and successes of powerful women in politics.
The Documentary, Women of Power, explores the history of three powerful female politicians including the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Senator Mutsvangwa who laid the foundation for her political career after joining the liberation struggle at the young age of 15.

Senator Mutsvangwa reckons such initiatives are key in educating the young generation and preserving the rich history of the liberation struggle.

“We need to continue telling the stories to instill confidence in young ones. We need more women to take up leadership positions and all they need is to be encouraged by such platforms. When we talk of women empowerment it doesn’t mean men should not be part of it. We should work together, complementing each other. Female combatants haven’t written books and many haven’t been documented. I’m happy about the initiative,” said the minister.

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Sweden, Her Excellency Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga, who was also featured in the documentary, hails the initiative saying it affords women of substance a platform for their voices to be heard.
“It was quite amazing. It was a real thing. It came at a time when I was moving from politics to diplomacy. We have noticed women’s experiences are never documented. When men are speaking, it’s like we never exist. When people are speaking about the liberation, it’s like people like Monica Mutsvanga never existed. I’m glad that whispers decided to document even the young people. It’s historical and amazing,” said tge diplomat.

“It’s an arena for us to hand down our tools to the young ones. It’s a very noble initiative which helps young ones to follow our footsteps. It was very exciting being interviewed for the documentary, sharing my experiences, which was an opportunity for me to tell my story, which has never happened before. It was like reliving my experiences in politics. Young ones can watch the documentary and learn from it,” said Lucia Matibenga, a politician.
Whispers board member, Cathy Mpofu gave an insight into the background of the documentary.

“Women are seldom written about. Women are doing great exploits but nothing is being documented. This resulted in us coming up with the documentary,” she explained.

There are also plans to serialize the documentaries featuring women from different fields whose experiences can inspire others.