Do good, work hard, unify: Pres Mnangagwa tells nation

By ZBC reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has challenged the nation to unite in pursuance of good objectives and to continue working hard.

He said this while addressing the 2019/20 National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service held in Bulawayo this Sunday.
It was a gathering of believers who were praying for the nation. The President of Zimbabwe was also among the believers.

After enjoying the praise and worship session conducted during the service, President Mnangagwa also took the time to share the word, all in the spirit of nationhood.

Thereafter, he challenged Zimbabweans to believe, work hard and do good always.

The head of state also spoke on the economy, development, currency and day to day challenges.

“No country can develop without its own currency. Use it and accept it. There is no going back to a multi-currency system. More Zupco buses are going to be delivered. You cannot migrate from your own country because its health system is bad. Work on it,” said Pres Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa also urged Zimbabweans to work hard to ensure Vision 2030 is achieved.

“Hard work pays, we cannot achieve Vision2030 without working. Vision2030 depends on the investment of each and every one of us. As a government, we have accelerated our quest to achieving the national vision. All the good comes through hard work, therefore we must work for it. Let us have everyone loving our country working to develop it,” he said.

The president quoted several scripts in the bible which also talk about the importance of working hard. Some of the scriptures include James 2: 14 which says “Faith without hard work is nothing”.

He went on to emphasise the need for Zimbabweans to take advantage of the natural resources that God blessed the country with.

“We must use what God gave us to develop our country. We have to depend on ourselves. Zimbabwe has a good agricultural sector. As a result of climate change, we are introducing a culture of irrigation so that we can enhance productivity.

President Mnangagwa also acknowledged the role played by the church in fostering unity.

“I am grateful for the relationship that exists between the church and the government. It gives a voice to homegrown churches of Zimbabwe. A strong spiritual leadership is important. Therefore I urge the church to continue to do its part by preaching the gospel of love and justice,” said President Mnangagwa.

The National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service was established in 2017. It is held annually and it is hosted by a number of churches in the country.