Divorce cases continue to rise

By Peter Chivhima

DIVORCE cases are on the increase with more than 70 cases having been taken to the Harare High Court in just 20 days since the beginning of the legal year on January 11.

Statistics obtained from the High Court in Harare show that barely a day passes without a divorce case being filed at the court with more than 70 divorce cases having been filed since the beginning of the legal year.

Legal experts attribute the surge in divorce cases to a number of challenges including infidelity and long distance relationships.

“As legal experts we have witnessed a surge in number of divorce cases and I think from a legal perspective these divorces are being caused by number of challenges such as people who are migrating to other countries. Another thing is that people are not taking time to know each other before marriage,” said Advocate Charles Kwaramba.

Young couples have also not been spared contributing significant figures.

According to the statistics released by the High Court last year at least 1 351 divorce cases were handled in 2021, up from 1 117 in 2020, which could be just a tip of iceberg as most marriages are not registered.