Distribution of Presidential inputs on course

By ZBC Reporter
FARMERS have received a major boost as they prepare for the summer cropping season with seed maize manufacturers confirming that the country has more than enough seed maize for the presidential inputs scheme and the command agriculture programme.
A visit to Juru growth point based Valley Seed processing, the company contracted by government under the presidential inputs scheme, revealed that processing of seed maize is almost complete while distribution is now in full swing at various collection points.
“We have enough raw seed from all farmers we contracted. As you can see we are now processing the raw seed and packaging. I can safely say we are almost done as far as seed processing is concerned,” said Patrick Sajeni, Valley Seed plant manager
At a warehouse in Ruwa, large volumes of seed are ready for distribution to cater for 2.3 million farmers registered under the presidential inputs scheme.
“We have produced enough seed both for the presidential schemes programmes including maize and traditional grain as commercial farmers. We have already begun deliveries to Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depots, all is on course and we anticipate another good season,” said Tichaona Maponga, Valley Seed Commercial manager
The county requires about 24 thousand tonnes of seed maize and with another good summer season, prospects are high the country will have the capacity to establish a sustainable seed bank in the face of climate change.