Diarrhoea outbreak in Bulawayo

By Lisa Masuku

A diarrhoea outbreak has hit the City of Bulawayo with more than 200 cases being recorded in Tshabalala Extension and Sizinda this week.

The diarrhoea outbreak which is believed to have started last week Thursday in Tshabalala Extension and Sizinda suburbs has been blamed on the local authority’s failure to provide clean water.

“This outbreak began last Thursday after we consumed water that was sewer contaminated,” a resident said.

“Many people in this area are suffering from diarrhoea as it is right now am taking my son to the hospital. The situation is really bad. My daughter is also sick, to make matters worse we currently do not have water. This is putting us at risk again because you cannot continue with the water-shedding exercise in an area where there is a diarrhoea outbreak,” said another.

Bulawayo City Council Spokesperson Ms Nesisa Mpofu confirmed the outbreak saying a team of health personnel has been dispatched to monitor the situation. 

“As the City of Bulawayo, we noticed that as of the 28th of November following a report from one of the residents there was an increase in the number of people reporting at Tshabalala clinic with diarrhoea symptoms. We have since dispatched health teams to monitor the affected area. All affected people are being treat at Tshabalala clinic for free,” she said.

Last year, 13 people lost their lives after more than two thousand residents of Luveve suburb consumed contaminated water.