Devolution transforms Mberengwa’s Gwavamutangwi community

By Mthokozisi Dube

Villagers from Mberengwa’s Ward 36 are confident they will complete the construction of Gwavamutangwi Clinic using devolution funds.

Gwavamutangwi villagers used to travel an average of twenty kilometers to Mataga or Musume to access health care services.

However, their ordeal is set to end after the second republic availed devolution funds to complete the structure initially started using constituency development funds.      

“We received devolution funds at the rights time. We were struggling to finish the clinic because the Constituency Development Fund had so many wards to cater for,” a villager said.

“We are working fast to complete the nurse’s accommodation. We want our clinic to be opened soon,” another villager noted.

Ward 26 Councilor Happious Shirichena expressed gratitude to the second republic for the devolution funds.

“Our party is a listening party. We thank the Second Republic for availing funds,” Ward 26 Councilor, Happious Shirichena said.

While the government provided a huge portion of the funds, the community also supplied manpower demonstrating their commitment to have a healthcare facility.

Government is targeting to reduce the distance travelled by people to access health care services in line with Vision 2030.