Devolution transforms Matobo North

By Providence Maraneli

THE second republic continues to deliver in terms of infrastructure development in once marginalised communities after 29 million Zimbabwe dollars from the devolution fund was channelled towards the construction of the Mlugulu clinic.

On one fateful morning, Bessie Khupe was rushing to a village meeting when she tripped herself and fell, breaking her arm in the process.

With the nearest health centre 20 kilometres away, she could do nothing but stay at home before getting help from a neighbour who took her to Plumtree hospital, which is 60km away.

Besides giving birth on the way to a clinic, this is the pain that the community of ward 24 in Matobo district has had to endure for a long time, but thanks to the second republics’ devolution programme, the Mlugulu clinic is final touches away from servicing the community.

“I really don’t know what to say to the government, our next clinic is 20km away and when I got injured it was really painful because the hospital was far and my hand will never be the same because I didn’t get it fixed in time,” said Bessie Khupe a Mlugulu villager.

“I tell you at this speed the president’s vision will come to pass, this is development,” said Councillor Ncube.

With social amenities and infrastructure development being some of the major pillars of the National Development Strategy One, Matobo Rural District Council has dedicated the larger chunk of devolution funds to health and education.

“We were allocated ZWL 42 million dollars and we looked for people projects like this one and we are happy with what we have achieved here,” said councillor Ncube.

The success of the devolution programme is not only important to the general populace but is expected to propel the country towards vision 2030.

“The visionary leadership of President Mnangagwa is being manifested here .in the past it was just a talk but now devolution is being implemented and it’s so important for the development of communities,” said Edgar Moyo, Matobo North Legislator.

Mlugulu clinic will serve more than five villages in ward 24.