Devolution propels development in Guruve district

By Tapiwa Machemedze

DEVOLUTION funds have improved access to education in Guruve district, after the necessary financial resources were availed for the construction of schools and staff quarters.

A 17-year-old girl, Julia Karima, who is in Form One, dropped out of school in 2020 as there was no secondary school nearby, but she is back in school after ZWL$800 000 was channelled towards the construction of Vira Gezi Secondary School.

“I used to walk a long distance so I did not want to go to school anymore. When this school started, I then decided to continue with my studies,” she said.

Parents and teachers are aware of the transformative nature of the school and the benefits to the girl child as most of them were being married off after Grade Seven.

“This is the first secondary school in the area and it is a great development. They used to walk long distances and ended up dropping out. Girls would get married early,” said Munyaradzi Gilbert, the school’s headmaster.

“Our kids used to travel as much as 19 kilometres to go to the nearest secondary school and it was not good for them,” said Wilson Charumbira, the school’s treasurer.

ZWL$3.5 million in devolution funds was availed for the construction of staff quarters at Impinge Primary School, with lessons having started in January this year.

“Devolution has made a world of difference in Guruve. The beauty of it is that councillors have not been selfish and they have agreed that such and such an area is the least developed and let’s channel funds there,” said Tinos Marisa, Guruve RDC chief executive officer.

Vira Gezi Secondary School is one of the high priority projects ushered in by devolution.

It has offered an opportunity for many learners who would have dropped out of school to continue their education.