Devolution Funds set to transform lives in Chiredzi

By ZBC Reporter

CHIREDZI Rural District Council has pledged to take advantage of devolution funds to embark on projects that improve people’s lives including health care facilities.

The disbursement of devolution funds has seen the Chiredzi Rural District Council giving priority to the construction of health care facilities and schools.

Chiredzi Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ailless Baloyi says, they have received 18, 4 million Zimbabwe Dollars from Central Government this year with the main focus on health care facilities such as Masivamele, Gwaseche and Takeheart clinics.

The funds will take us a long way in terms of trying to complete the projects that we were doing in the previous year. We intend to have these clinics open before the end of the year. We are going to drill a total of 64 boreholes per ward and we will be focusing mainly on the critical areas so that we alleviate the water situation there, he said.

Government’s commitment towards devolution programmes has also not escaped the attention of the local community as highlighted by Chiredzi District Development Coordinator Mr Lovemore Chisema.

The importance of this is that the rural communities will have access to health care facilities at reasonable distances. Our primary school children will now go to nearby schools and also access portable water for use by our rural communities as a result these are strides and contributions by our local authorities in the achievement of vision 2030, noted Chisema.

The devolution programme has also been lauded for giving impetus to inclusive socio-economic development as part of the country’s drive to attain an upper middle-income economy by 2030.