Devolution funds procure capital equipment for Beitbridge town council

By Innocent Nxumalo

THE devolution programme has set the tone for positive economic development in various parts of the country, with service delivery expected to improve in Beitbridge after the town council acquired a motorised grader with devolution funds.

For a local authority that has been relying on hiring road construction equipment to sustain operations, the motorised grader has come at the right time.

Beitbridge residents who witnessed the handing over of the ZW$21 million motorised grader attest to the positive impact of the devolution agenda.

One resident said, “This is an exciting development. We now have a grader, thanks to devolution funds. Now there is no excuse for our councilors not to attend access roads.”

“We are the owners of this idea. Having a motorised grader topped our priority list. Through devolution, we feel that we are active participants on development matters,” said another resident.

Beitbridge Town Council Clerk Mr Loud Ramakgapola and Deputy Mayor, Councilor Agnes Chitore also confirmed the positive impact of devolution funds in undertaking capital projects.

“We were hamstrung by additional expenses of outsourcing equipment whenever we wanted to grade our roads. Now having this grader will see us doubling output. From the disbursements, we have undertaken other major capital projects like constructing a clinic and a school block,” said Mr Ramakgapola.

Councilor Chitore said, “Our development plans are now in motion. We would like to also buy a bowser and other machinery required for our engineering service to spearhead progress.”

Apart from a motorised grader, Beitbridge Town Council has procured a refuse compactor using part of the ZW$182,6 million allocated in 2021 and 2022.