Devolution: Chipinge Town Council on course to establish a new secondary school

By Tamuka Charakupa

Learners in Chipinge have welcomed government’s move to construct a new secondary school which is expected to be complete by December this year.

Construction of St Kelvin’s Secondary School in Chipinge is the latest success story of the devolution programme with the move expected to improve learning infrastructure in the town.

The development has been welcomed by learners as a step in the right direction as many were being forced to walk long distances to the nearest school.

“We are happy with the news because we are overpopulated in our classes,” a learner told ZBC News.

Chipinge Town Council Housing Director, Mr Edson Munjanga said the devolution-funded peoject is expected to be complete by December this year.

“This is one of our projects funded by through government’s devolution programme. This secondary school came as a realisation that our two urban schools are now being overwhelmed. We expect that by December late this year, at least three blocks will be up and running and by January we want learners at school,” he said.

The development is part of government efforts to ensure equal access to education.

“As a ministry, we engaged our local authority to alocate land to investors for the establishment of secondary schools around and we are grateful that government has availed funds through devolution for the establishment of St Kelvins Secondary School. It is true that our two schools were now over populated and hot seating had to be effected to accommodate learners,” said Abson Mapfumo, Chipinge District Schools Inspector.

Government is targeting to construct at least 3 000 schools countrywide in the next three years as part of efforts to improve the learning environment.