Development and adaption of new technologies critical in lowering emissions

By Kenias Chivuzhe

Zimbabwe continues to mainstream climate change mitigation and adaption measures with players in the transport sector proposing a number of policy interventions.

Greenhouse gas emissions came under the spotlight when players in the transport sector converged in Mutare to set up baselines to contribute meaningfully to the reporting systems recognised under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change.

Climate experts highlighted the need to prioritise investments on developing and adopting new local technologies as a climate mitigation measure.

Energy Management and climate change mitigation consultant, Tendai Marowa said: “People have to understand that if technology is not available it needs to be developed or transferred. Developing technologies has advantages as it suits the local environment. I am happy that as a nation we have started to look into the issue of electrical vehicles. There is a need to look into other technologies developed by local experts like the vehicle by Chikumbudza.”

“ In the area of transportation its very important to invest towards development and adoption of eletric vehicles. Within that solution there is need to develop infrastructure that is necessary, especially in terms of the charging stations. A lot of institutions are buying these electric vehicles hence the need for accompanying infrastructure. We also need to promote mass transit system and fuel efficiency. Climate change mitigation expert Lawrence Mashungu

Chief Director Roads in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Development, Engineer Amos Amos spoke on government’s thrust on climate mitigation.

“We want to see how we can intervene in terms of climate change mitigation. We have looked at emissions by vehicles and how to reduce them. We want to benchmark and establish baselines on our current emissions for the transport sector. We are also trying to see how do we move away from fossil fuels and adopt greener energy and reduce carbon footprint in Zimbabwe,” he said.

The current strides on climate change mitigation measures are expected to enable Zimbabwe to meet its nationally determined contribution target under the Paris Agreement.

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