Destination Zimbabwe still getting global endorsement

By ZBC Reporter

DESTINATION Zimbabwe continues to get global endorsement with the country’s wildlife management efforts attracting the attention of foreign tourists.

The recovery of the tourism industry is well on course, with tourists from various parts of the world marvelling at the way the country’s abundant wildlife is being managed.

“The tourism industry in Zimbabwe is very beautiful, we get to experience living with nature, the local people are very nice and key in our experience and we have been learning more about the history of our surroundings from them. The tourist attractions in France where I am from are nothing compared to what I have experienced here,” said one tourist from France.

Focusing on domestic tourism has also been key in the recovery of the tourism industry which took a heavy battering from Covid-19.

“I am from Bulawayo. This getaway is beautiful and therapeutic. Local people should come out, see and experience this. It’s not only Hwange and Victoria Falls that give the best tourism experience, it is all those other places like Nyanga, Leopard Rock just to mention a few, need to be mapped out,” said a domestic tourist.

Zimparks Spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo reiterated the need for the promotion of domestic tourism.

“If there is one thing Covid has taught us, it is the promotion of domestic tourism. Zimbabwe is beautiful, and as locals, we should experience this first-hand, we do not need to be told how beautiful our country is by other nationals who come to visit. At the moment though, more locals than foreigners are visiting which is exciting.”

As local tourists continue visiting various attractions, complementing an important international catchment, the country looks set to achieve its target of a five billion United States dollar tourism industry by 2025.