Desperate fugitive runs into arms of security details

By Innocent Nxumalo

A suspected South African fugitive has been arrested after fleeing mob justice for allegedly killing two people in the neighbouring country.

It is unusual for a suspected criminal to run straight into a law enforcement cantonment, but imminent mob justice for a Musina murder suspect, Tawanda Simango saw him running straight into the arms of Chikwalakwala security personnel for protection.

The 28- year-old Simango crossed into Zimbabwe using an illegal entry point with an angry crowd baying for his blood.

To escape mob justice, Simango handed himself to security authorities and confessed that he had committed murder.

He was immediately arrested and taken to Beitbridge Magistrate Court where he was remanded in custody to the first of next month.

The suspect was found in possession of a live round of ammunition, eight mobile phones, an Okapi knife, a pair of binoculars and other goods he could not account for.