Department of Roads foreman steals bitumen tar worth over ZWL$21 million

By Fungai Jachi

A foreman in the Department of Roads under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development has appeared in court on charges of theft after allegedly stealing bitumen tar worth over ZW$21 million.

Allegations are that in October last year 51-year-old Dalla Sibanda took advantage of his position at the Department of Roads’ Mazowe Glendale Holding Site along Bindura Highway and stole bitumen tar with the assistance of 12 others who have already appeared in court.

It is alleged that a total of 901, 200 litre drums of the tar were stolen before they were sold to dealers in Harare.

He was freed on ZW$20 000 bail.

Meanwhile, Ashraf Kara, aged 66, who was allegedly found in possession of four guns without valid permits, has appeared in court.

Allegations are that police received a tipoff that the accused was in possession of firearms before a search was conducted at his house.

Police allegedly found four guns and ammunition but the accused failed to produce valid certificates for the firearms, leading to his arrest.

He was granted ZW$30 000 bail and is expected back in court next month.