Deka Project pipes arrive

By Mhlomuli Ncube

THE first consignment of 355 pipes to be laid at the Deka Pipeline under the waterworks project for the Hwange Unit 7 and 8 expansion plan is now on site.

Under the US$48 million India Eximbank project, the 42 kilometre pipeline and water works will be upgraded to fulfill the demands of the Unit 7 and 8 expansion project.

The water to be drawn from the Zambezi River will also supply Hwange rural and urban communities with the precious liquid.

The Zimbabwe Power Company is convinced that the arrival of the 355 pipes this Wednesday is a crucial phase with 700 others set to be delivered soon.

“This a a crucial part of this project. What you are seeing here are the pipes which will be laid all the way from Zambezi to the power station. We will also have tapping points to give water to communities that the pipeline passes through,” Engineer Richman Mugwagwa, DEKA Pipeline Project Manager.

Besides meeting the demands of the new project at the power station, the pipeline will service the needs of local communities in the rapidly expanding mining town of Hwange.