Defence university challenged to fight cyber-terrorism

The Zimbabwe National Defence University has been challenged to help the country in crafting strategies and implementing structural policies and programmes that promote national security, amid threats emanating from abuse of social media.

The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa gave a lecture to the Zimbabwe National Defence Course 9 of 2020 in Harare this Wednesday, where issues of national security came under the spotlight.

Senator Mutsvangwa noted the current threats to national security posed by propagation of false information through social media platforms that are largely unregulated.

“As Zimbabweans we have a right to curve our own space in the global arena and it goes without saying that our national defence and security has to be vigilant to the power play in the media space including on social media.

“To conquer, you must lower the mental guard of the target. Physical conquest is easier against those who lose vigilance and media is the communication channel of vigilance,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

The Minister also took a swipe at western Imperialists who use social media to undermine the sovereignty of developing countries.

“The Technological marvel of internet has added another weapon in the arsenal of the powerful countries which they deploy at will to cause mayhem in poor countries, targeting their economies to fuel disinvestment and fermenting conflict.”

The Minister capped the lecture by quoting section 61 of the Zimbabwean constitution which states that “Freedom of Expression and freedom of the media exclude,

  1. incitement to violence
  2. advocacy of hatred or hate speech
  3. Malicious injury  to a person’s reputation or dignity or
  4. Malicious or unwarranted breach of a person’s right to privacy.”

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