Defections spell doom for opposition politics: Analysts

By Bruce Chahwanda Political Editor

POLITICAL analysts say the defections by top MDC Alliance members to ZANU PF is a clear testimony of the death of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s political landscape has taken a major shift in recent months with senior MDC Alliance members defecting to ZANU PF, a move that has cemented the revolutionary party’s footprint in urban and rural centres.

Political Analyst Rodger Pote believes the top opposition leadership is running away from student politics being exhibited by their leadership which has no capacity to compete with ZANU PF.

“The MDC Alliance has no standing ideology which binds its societal members it is a marriage of convenience. ZANU-PF has already embarked on its 5 million voters campaign just after the ended DCC elections where it has launched an open door policy to members of other political parties to join them. Overwhelming numbers that have turned up remarkably showing the death of opposition party politics in Zimbabwe especially in the peri-urban and urban areas,” he said.

Another Political Analyst Regai Cheuka said the defections by top MDC leadership to ZANU PF is a clear testimony of how the Zimbabwean political terrain has evolved.

….Upsound….. “Zimbabweans have matured to know the difference between the good and the bad. Our People now want politics of development, politics that has positive results to our communities, provinces and the entire country. Look these defections point to the fact that in MDC there is no durable life and the MDC  leadership has reached their Damascene moment and they now want to join the revolutionary train which was born out of a liberation struggle.

“There’s no doubt that ZANU PF has stood the test of time and ZANU PF is arguably the best in political outfit in Zimbabwe with the capacity to transform the fortunes of the people Zimbabwe to a better life.

“The Mdc Split in 2005 and even now has  effectively derailed opposition party politics in Zimbabwe even in decades that followed after 2005 and those that will follow post 2021.An inevitable split  by weak conflict resolutions skills By the Former Leader MT  and Nelson Chamisa has made the party inherit a cancer that has no cure and has left its members looking elsewhere for good governance,” he said.

Political analyst Rutendo Matinyarare said defections by MDC members shows that they no longer have confidence in the opposition which has failed to come up with people-centred policies.

“ZANU PF continues to give opportunity in its constituencies, rural people have learnt that they are the centre of power for the country’s economic development. Over time, people have realised that the suffering of Zimbabweans has a lot to do with sanctions, ZANU PF came up with answers by giving people access to land and minerals resources and all sorts of industrial opportunities for self-sustenance,” he said.

The defections by MDC Alliance members to ZANU PF has seen smaller political party members dissolving their outfits to join the revolutionary party.

ZANU PF is currently in overdrive to mobilise electorate ahead of the 2023  general elections which is spearheaded by the District Development Coordinating Committees.

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