Decentralised issuance of vehicle plates pays dividend

By Wellington Makonese

THE decentralisation of issuance of vehicle numbers plates is paying dividends, with long queues that characterised the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) now a thing of the past.

Just about this January, the Central Vehicle Registry was the centre of anarchy and chaos as motorists jostled for vehicle number plates due to a combination of poor workmanship, centralisation and demand.

The decentralisation drive might just have been the masterstroke as queues have vanished.

“The situation has totally changed its now hundred percent efficient here. I applied yesterday and today I got mine,” one motorist

“I haven’t collected mine as yet, but just as I applied yesterday and today have come to collect and it’s a matter of time before I leave,” another motorist comented.

“I think they did very well. There are many centres for collection. I can’t complain,” said a customer.

After complaints by members of the public, a blitz was carried out at CVR to seek ways of improving the situation, while issuance of number plates has been decentralised to ZIMRA and ZIMPOST offices.

The CVR is now focusing more on corporates, replacements and emergencies.