Cyber Security Act to promote professionalism in media sector – Minister Muswere

By ZBC Reporter

GOVERNMENT says the Cyber Security Act is there to promote professionalism in the media sector based on the guiding principles of the profession.

Creators of online content met with providers of technology used in the dissemination of information in Kadoma this Thursday, amid calls for digital media content creators to come up with innovations.

It was at this meeting that online content creators raised concern over some aspects of the Cyber Security Act, but their fears were allayed as government clarified that the legislation is meant to promote professionalism in the media industry.

“We are excited about the Freedom of Information Act as it gives us rights to practice. However, there are areas where we feel a lot could have been done with the Act as it affects us as content creators.

“In future, it is important to ensure all stakeholders are consulted. We are driven by the market and we don’t intend to do things that are confrontational with the government,” said a participant.

The Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Dr Jenfan Muswere said, “As government, we have taken steps to ensure the digital economy becomes possible. To achieve that, we have been extending infrastructure across the country. The Cyber Security Act is there to create a stable journalism sector which is vibrant and ethical.

“The Act is there to ensure we create ethical journalism content. The more you report on false and negative information, the more you destroy your country. I urge you content creators to rethink about image building and how to create the best people you envisage.”

Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimabwe Director General, Dr Gift Machengete and the Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Honourable Kindness Paradza challenged content creators to monetise their content.

“The versatility of social media platforms is astonishing .While some participate in dance challenges, others are using the platform to market themselves and make money. The internet is awash with content of all sorts,” said Dr Machengete.

“Our interest as a ministry is to promote diversity in the media sector. We want you to be free so that you put your mind to whatever you do for the benefit of Zimbabwe. We are amending the Broadcasting Services Act and we have opened up the sector to foreigners. Government is a big consumer of your content and has been requesting that some of you do monetise your content especially as we go towards the 2023 harmonised elections,” noted Honourable Paradza.

Digital media content creators have taken the media industry by storm creating online content which includes news, videos, photos, graphics and blog posts among others.