CVR offices to operate on weekends : Min of Transport

By ZBC Reporter

IN a bid to clear the current number plates backlog ,The Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development says the Central Vehicle Registry Offices CVR will be fully operational on weekends.

This was revealed In a statement released by the Ministry of Transport this Friday morning.

“The Ministry of Transport wishes to advise members of the public that CVR will now be working over the weekends for issuance of number plates to motorists who had already submitted their applications at CVR in order to clear the current backlog,” read the statement.

The Ministry however advised motorists to use ZIMRA and ZIMPOST for new applications.

On Tuesday, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Hon Felix Mhona visited the CVR offices in Harare where he promised to clean the rot at the government department.

“Corruption has no place in the Second Republic. We are going to clean the rot at CVR and bring a new work ethic to the institution. No one should struggle to acquire number plates,” Mhona said.

The visit came as thousands of motorists have been forced to spend years without vehicle number plates.

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Republic Police launched a blitz on unregistered vehicles early this week which they said were being used to commit crimes such as robberies, murder, kidnapping and rape.