Cuthbert Dube loses high court appeal

By Peter Chivhima

Former Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) Group Chief Executive Officer Cuthbert Dube’s efforts to continue benefiting from the company hit a snag after the High Court dismissed his application.

Dube, who was slapped with costs for the suit had approached the High Court challenging the decision made by the Labour Court setting aside a ruling made in his favour for Premier Service Medical Investment to continue paying him a US$92 thousand monthly salary.

The court heard that in 2014 Dube and his former employer signed a contract which was to run for a 10-year period.

However, the contract was reversed after it was ruled that Dube was getting an exorbitant salary of US$92 thousand before allowances without the blessing of the full PSMAS Board.

 Dube through his legal representatives challenged the decision saying his contract was still valid.

However, his bid to overturn the decision of the Labour Court flopped when Justice Loveness Makoni dismissed his appeal.

The court ruled that there is nothing to confirm the existence of a contract of employment between Dube and PSMAS.

The court also ruled that Dube failed to point a single document which indicates that he had a running contract with his former employer.