Arts and culture key in tourism revival

By Tichaona Kurewa

PLAYERS in the arts and culture industry say the sector is key in the revival of the country’s tourism industry if cultural tourism is promoted.

The industry has a symbolic value which gives travelers a glimpse of what to expect in any destination.

It is with this understanding in mind that artists from Victoria Falls are strategically positioning the industry to play a role in the revival of the tourism industry.

“We have a diverse culture in Victoria Falls to showcase to tourists and we will do our best. People here can speak various languages and this is an advantage as it will give us more to present to travelers. Victoria Falls is rich in cultures which tourists can enjoy. We have all types of cultures to showcase,” said some artist.

Matabeleland North Provincial Arts Manager, Eunice Ndlovu and Victoria Falls Artist Assembly chairperson, Ndabezihle Sibanda, concurred on the need for the country to tap into cultural tourism.

“The sector has potential to bring more tourists in the country as travelers also come to learn on how people in a particular country leave,” she said.

“Matabeleland North is endowed with various cultures and these must be packaged and presented to the source market, at the same time the artists themselves need to be organised and exhibit professionalism so that they can be taken seriously,” said Sibanda.

Zimbabwe is targeting a US$5 billion tourism industry by 2025 and experts are convinced the target is attainable if all stakeholders play their part.