Cuba and Zim continue to strengthen areas of cooperation

By Josephine Mugiyo

CUBAN ambassador to Zimbabwe, Her Excellency Carmelina Rodriguez is impressed with the strong relations that exist between the two countries which have grown from strength to strength.

Cuba and Zimbabwe have experienced the negative impact of illegal sanctions imposed by the West which have affected their respective economies.

The two countries are also bound by strong ties anchored on cooperation in various sectors including health.

Cuba’s top envoy to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Carmelina Rodriguez, who spoke on the sidelines of a lecture at the Zimbabwe Defence University, says Zimbabwe remains a close ally.

“The relationship we have with Zimbabwe is one of the best we have in Africa. We have developed a friendship through supporting each other through sanctions. The University of Bindura is one area we work closely with the officials,” said His Excellency Rodriguez.

Since the United States placed a comprehensive economic embargo on Cuba in 1962, the country has come up with effective sanctions-busting measures.

“The idea of the blockage is to create desperation and food shortages. The challenge was to try and create our own professional,” he said.

Zimbabwe and Cuba formally established their diplomatic relations after Zimbabwe attained independence in 1980.