Creating space for youth key in ending drug abuse

By Patience Nyagato

HIGH density suburbs are once again becoming the hub of talent identification, with a youth performing arts initiative dubbed ‘This ‘n’ That’ taking Mbare by storm.

Vast talent goes unnoticed in Zimbabwe due to limited spaces available for youths to showcase and nurture their crafts, but with a rich history that has seen the high-density suburb churn out stars in almost every sector including sport and arts, Mbare has come alive once again with “This and That” club feeling the huge void.

The youths are enthusiastic too with conviction that they have what it takes to be future stars.

“I am part of This ‘n’ That and I think it is good for us to be seen and maybe one day we can be supported,” said one of the members.

Another group member said, “All we need is support from arts stakeholders. I think this is the first for us to realise our dreams.”

The setting could not have been any better, with more than 400 youths turning up to register for participation this Sunday.

The initiative is meant to help curb drug abuse and give youths a platform to showcase their talent and receive mentorship.

“Our main goal is to develop young talent, to discover them and deploy them. We first discover them so we call for entries and scout for talent, then we develop that talent in them, then we later deploy them and make sure they live sustainably out of their talent,” said Pastor Kudzai Nyamasoka, the chairperson of This ‘n’ That.

Most high-density suburbs are well-known for producing stars whose humble beginnings are community halls such as the iconic Mai Musodzi and Stoddart in Mbare, Cyril Jennings in Highfield and McDonald Hall in Mzilikazi.