Covid-19 update: 4th suspected case under investigation

By ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has isolated another suspected case of Coronavirus who presented herself first at a general practitioner before being referred to Wilkins Infectious Disease Hospital.
Health workers are currently running all necessary tests on this latest case amid revelations that South Africa has confirmed a third case of the disease also known as Covid-19.Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo confirmed that an individual was taken for isolation at Wilkins but could not provide further details saying health workers were still running the necessary tests.
“Yes, I can confirm that there has been another case taken in at Wilkins, but we still do not have results pertaining her status.
“We will announce the results to everyone, once we get them,” said Dr Moyo.
This becomes the forth suspected case that Zimbabwe has so far sent for isolation for definitive Covid-19 tests.
Meanwhile the Ministry of Health and Child Care has urged the nation to stay guided by its COVID19 Situation Reports to avoid being misled by unofficial reports after claims have been circulating on social media alleging that the government is hiding Coronavirus statistics following the death of a Mutare woman who was in China
The deceased reportedly died after Coronavirus referral.
In a statement yesterday, the Ministry of Health and Child Care said as part of government’s efforts to strengthen Zimbabwe’s fight against the spread of COVID19 it continues to be guided by and follow guidelines and advice on surveillance, follow up and case management, providing accurate and detailed COVID 19 updates for all.
“The Ministry would like to advise the public to be guided by its COVID19 Situation Reports (SitReps) that are issued frequently to avoid being misled by unofficial reports,” reads the statement.
The Health and Child Care Ministry said preparedness measures have been stepped up through heightened surveillance at national, provincial and district level with special focus on all ports of entry.
The Ministry also advised that to date there have not been any confirmed cases of COVID19 in Zimbabwe.
“All identified suspected cases have been appropriately followed up, tested and found to be negative for COVID19. All tests were conducted by well trained local laboratory teams. Additional samples from all suspects cases are being sent for confirmation testing by the Regional Reference Laboratory. To date, all samples have tested negative for COVID 19,” said the Ministry of Health and Child Care.