Covid survivor calls for adherence to protocols

By Josephine Mugiyo

A Covid-19 survivor who went through harrowing experiences after getting infected has challenged citizens to adhere to laid down protocols, amid rising figures and non-compliance in some quarters.

A call of duty, not only to the country but to humanity.

As you enter Masvingo central Business District, it is now common to see law enforcement agents conducting routine inspection for compliance with Covid-19 protocols but the result is a game of chase.

It is apparent if not obvious that those in the wrong are restless.

The message blurring on the radio, television and everywhere else is sanitise, wear a mask, maintain social distance, but others would rather not.

But not when you are a survivor of Covid -19 like Nicholas Maunza of Mucheke, who went through the harrowing experience of gasping for air and total incapacitation.

Where I go I hear people denying the realities of Covid and I take them through my story. I went to a funeral and then started feeling malaria symptoms in my body.  All my muscles were now painful after I had done some work in the garden… I was failing to breathe, I actually gasped for air at some point.  I didn’t even tell my wife that I was failing to breathe, said Maunza. 

Maunza is a reminder to the nation that it is the ordinary person you meet on the streets who can transmit the virus and not those already in hospitals, hence the need to stay vigilant.

But even as he narrates his ordeal and remarkable story of recovery, just in his back yard close to his house, some illegal shebeen operators are oblivious of the impending danger with huge amounts of alcohol being sold nicodemously.

After fearing for the worst, Maunza’s wife who nursed her husband during the trying time implores fellow citizens to engage in responsible behaviour.

The second wave of Covid-19 has hit Zimbabwe hard with heart rending stories of battling to survive while others are not so lucky.

Many remain hopeful that the battle against the virus will be won, but it will require a change of attitude by some sections of society who are still flouting laid down regulations.

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