Covid-19 statistics: Zimbabwe’s reality check

Zimbabwe stares the painful reality of increasing death statistics and rising figures of covid-19 positive cases as negative attitude becomes the single largest threat to contain the pandemic.

Covid-19 statistics continue to surge on a daily basis, with latest figures standing at 978 new cases and 24 deaths on Sunday.

With the country now having recorded a cumulative figure of 21,477 cases, indications are that winning the covid-19 could be tall order for the nation if citizens continue on the path of complacence.

The painful reality though is the rate of mortality that now stands at five hundred and seven according to the latest report issued by the Ministry of Health and Child Care this Sunday.

Grief is gripping the nation as many succumb to the deadly virus which is now tearing through the nation at a faster rate than it was doing last year.

It seems covid-19 related deaths are something the nation will have to deal with on a daily basis if citizens do not take the fight against the pandemic as a collective responsibility.

Attitude has become the single largest threat in dealing with the pandemic as many take authorities’ advice for granted.

High density areas are the major hotspots as residents rampantly flout regulations.

Just like in the early years of the HIV epidemic, many will never understand the danger of this virus until they lose someone close.

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