COVID-19; ZIMA suspends all medical gatherings

By ZBC Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZIMA) has announced the suspension of all forms of medical gatherings in the country because of the coronavirus pandemic.
In a statement this Monday, ZIMA Secretary Dr Sacrifice Chirisa said it will not be available for conferences with immediate effect as part of measures to control the spread of the virus.
“ZIMA hereby suspends all forms of medical gatherings. To this end, ZIMA House will not be available for CMEs and or conferences with immediate effect. ZIMA will operate with a skeleton staff as the secretariat is required to work from home,” said Chirisa
Its decision comes because of the spread of the coronavirus, with 2 cases reported in Zimbabwe.
He urged medical practitioners to exercise extreme caution when dealing with suspected cases of COVID 19 infections in order to stay safe.
“Members are urged to exercise extreme caution when dealing with all suspected cases of COVID19 infection. Please ensure that you and your employees are protected. Do ensure that there is enough hand sanitizer, running water and face masks in your practices. Unfortunately, private practices will be the first port of contact for many infected patients who need and afford care. The need for practitioners to protect themselves cannot be overemphasised,” he said.
He also encouraged medical practitioners to learn as much as possible about the coronavirus.
“Please go online and learn as much as possible about admission protocols, transmission mechanisms and care guidelines for COVID-19 infected patients,” added Chirisa.