Covid-19 variants, Govt warns against complacency

By Yolanda Gumbo
ZIMBABWEANS have once again been reminded not to let their guard down as the world battles new variants of Covid-19.
As the world battles new variants of Covid-19, Deputy Minister of Health and Child care Dr John Mangwiro who was in Bulawayo this Wednesday, says there is a need to escalate awareness on the vaccination programme.
“We are witnessing what is happening in Brazil and India, we do not want history to repeat itself here, so people need to be vaccinated as we target to reach herd immunity. We want to assure the nation that we have enough vaccines to vaccinate the nation. People should seek correct information on COVID-19 and vaccinations as fake news spreading on social media is misinforming people which is in turn causing hesitancy in embracing the vaccine,” said the Deputy Minister.
This comes at a time when 61 424 people have received the first dose in Bulawayo while 24 090 have been fully vaccinated.
“Bulawayo is a centre for many people traveling to other countries and its near the South Africa border which means that there is a need to ramp up the vaccination programme in the city so that people can be protected from the virus,” explained Dr Mangwiro.
Government has set aside 100 million United States dollars for the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.
As of 11 May 2021, Zimbabwe had 38 448 confirmed cases of Cpovid-19, including 36 221 recoveries and 1 579 deaths, a total of 539 526 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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