Covid-19 vaccines safe for HIV patients

By Memory Chamisa

With the nation having set a target to reach Covid-19 herd immunity by December, people living with HIV have been urged to get vaccinated as the vaccines have no effect on their medication.

Hesitancy, accessibility and ignorance around Covid-19 vaccines have emerged as some of the hindrances for people living with HIV and AIDS.

As Zimbabwe continues with the drive to get as many people as possible inoculated, those living with HIV are also being encouraged to join the vaccination train to protect their already exposed immune system.

Dispelling myths being peddled on different platforms during a breakfast meeting in Harare this Wednesday, AIDS Health Care Foundation Zimbabwe Country Manager Dr Ernest Chikwati implored all those who have not yet received their jabs not to be deterred by misinformation.

“It’s very sad, the misinformation that has been peddled around many social sites with regards to the vaccines especially on people with the HIV virus. It’s very imperative for them to get vaccinated as they are most prone to the tragic end of the Covid-19 virus. Their immune system is already weakened and this vaccine will help in boosting their chances of fighting if infected,” said Dr Chikwati.

In his presentation, National Network of People Living with HIV Programme Manager Clemence Mademutsa spoke on the need to dispel misconceptions around HIV and Covid-19.

He said: “We need to quickly dispel these misconceptions around HIV and Covid-19 as this is greatly affecting those that want to go and get vaccinated.

Scientifically those infected were proved not be affected as long as they continue taking their medication.”

As of this Tuesday, 3 183 314 had received their first dose, while 2 428 540 are now fully vaccinated.

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