Covid-19: The elderly embrace new normal

With Covid-19 battering the entire globe, the elderly have become the most vulnerable because of their advanced age and underlying health conditions.

Our Mashonaland East Bureau Chief Jerold Sasa visited Ida Wekwako Old Peoples Home in Marondera to get more on how they are coping with the pandemic.

As you enter Ida Wekwako Old Peoples Home, the silence that greets you shows a new culture at the institution where the elderly normally sit in the sun whiling away time.

However, the new normal requires them to spend most of their time indoors to curb the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

It is the new way of life which has resulted in the home recording zero cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic started last year, despite housing the most vulnerable group in society.

Reverend Clement Matulanga, manager of the home, said: “We have closed our doors and no one goes outside and those who go outside are regularly tested so that we reduce the risk of those who stay here and so far, so good.”

The inmates also showed great knowledge of the virus and what needs to be done despite their advanced age.

“We know what needs to be done like wearing masks and washing our hands regularly,” said Beauty Handaka one of the inmates.

Another inmate, Noby Kaemba, said: “We don’t know where this disease came from as it has disrupted our way of living, but we have to follow what needs to be done.”

Established in 1977, the home which is located in Dombotombo suburb has a total of 24 people, with the eldest being 101 years old.

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