Covid-19 survivor urges nation to adhere to pandemic regulations

By Tamuka Charakupa
Cases of Covid-19 local transmissions continue to surge in the country with the number of daily fatalities also on the rise.
The situation looks dire but there is also some good news as many stories of hope emerge.
Caught in the COVID-19 storm sometime in July last year, a Chipinge-based man, Mwakazvida Chaonwa tells his story, not only that of hope but also of encouragement for Zimbabweans to play a role in prevention.
For Chaonwa, testing positive came as a big shock to him and his family.
“I started developing mild symptoms sometime end of July then I decided to get tested. The results came positive and I got hospitalised for one week. That was the most difficult time of my life as I was experiencing physical pain, difficulties in breathing, fever and so many related complications,” he said.
Isolated and confined to his Gaza home in Chipinge for about two weeks while recovering, his biggest worry was the safety of his wife and children.
“Testing positive was a huge blow to the family. I was afraid that I would infect my family and i wouldn’t want them to go through what I experienced. My children were crying daily and that psychologically traumatised me.”
On the other side, Chaonwa’s wife reflects on the stigma they went through when his husband was battling for his life.
‘People would come by our gate and laugh. When we went to the borehole everyone would run away and even the children could not go outside because they were laughed at.”
Chaomwa however is a reflection that COVID-19 can be defeated, and his message is clear ‘follow the Covid-19 regulations being issued out by health authorities.’
“Covid 19 is a battle. You need to be hopeful because once you lose hope you are gone. People should adhere to these regulations because Covid-19 is real and it is dangerous.”
Meanwhile, there has been a gradual change of attitude in Chipinge with most residents abiding by the regulations while security agencies are on the ground to ensure compliancy.

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