COVID-19: Spain reports 462 more deaths in one day

AT least 2,182 people died in Spain from COVID-19 and 33,089 cases have been confirmed so far, according to official data released this Monday.
Over the last 24-hours, the country saw 462 people die, and around 4,500 new cases were confirmed.
Over 2,300 people are now in intensive care units (ICUs), while 3,355 have recovered.
This Monday, a government spokesperson confirmed that around 12% (3,910) of all confirmed cases have been discovered in the country’s healthcare workers.
Over the weekend, Madrid, which has registered over 1,200 deaths already, had its hospitals near collapse.
A military-style hospital in Madrid’s major conference center IFEMA is being set up to hold as many as 5,000 beds. On Sunday, it began to receive its first patients and began bringing in healthcare professionals on a voluntary basis.
Authorities are scrambling to set up similar hospitals across the country.
On Sunday, Spanish prime minister announced that the lockdown in Spain will be extended until at least April 11.
The COVID-19 outbreak that started in Wuhan, China, has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Over 343,400 cases and 15,300 deaths have been reported worldwide since last December, while more than 100,000 people have recovered.