COVID-19: Schools reopening depends on level of preparedness

By ZBC Reporter
THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education says dates for the reopening of schools have not yet been set although there is a five-phased plan which begins with examination classes.
While launching the Manicaland province Covid-19 Schools Response Plan in Mutare this Wednesday, Primary and Secondary education Minister, Ambassador Cain Mathema reiterated that the reopening of schools depends on the level of preparedness to control the spread of Covid-19.
He implored schools not to compromise on the quality of personal protective equipment and to work closely with the Ministry of Health and Child Care for guidance with respect to materials that they should use and to facilitate testing.
“There has been some understandable anxiety on the part of parents and children as to when schools will open again. The opening date will be determined by the progress that we make as a nation in fighting the coronavirus. The process is also involving engagements with stakeholders so that the best decision can be taken in the interests of learners, teachers, other workers in the schools and communities. Following initial consultations the ministry has come up with 5 phases reopening plan that begins with the examination of classes in 2020,” said the minister.
Manicaland Minister of State, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba implored schools to take advantage of the situation and implement the building back better principle and ensure that there is an improvement in sanitation and hygiene.
“In some of our rural schools, they have water challenges and sanitation issues. Some of them still use pit latrines which are not appropriate in this age. We have to ensure that we use this time to upgrade our standards of hygiene to protect our children from COVID 19,” said Dr Gwaradzimba.
Under the Covid-19 school’s response plan, learning institutions are expected to contribute to the fight against the deadly pandemic and engage in the production of PPEs.

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