Covid-19: Restaurants comply with govt directive

By Health Editor
ZIMBABWEANS are proving that vaccination is the way to go for the country to return to normalcy with restaurant owners and patrons complying with a government directive to allow sit-ins for fully vaccinated individuals.
A snap survey conducted by ZBC News in Harare this Saturday after government allowed restaurants to reopen for sit-ins to fully vaccinated customers, revealed total compliance from restaurant owners and patrons.
Strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols, including sanitisation and social distancing is also being observed.
“We are very happy to be allowed sit ins and we are following the rules whenever a customer want a sit in we request a vaccination card and for those who haven’t gotten their jabs we encourage them as we want things to go back to normal,” said Benson Muneri, an operator.
“As you can see most of our clients coming this side already know the drill, sanitise and produce card. We are complying because we value our health and that of our customers and we want to go back to our normal hours as you can see most of our workers are at home because we are working one shift a day,” said Linda Muzhingi an operator.
With more than 1 500 000 people now fully vaccinated, the call is for everyone to be inoculated to ensure the country reaches herd immunity and return to normalcy.