COVID-19: Residents told to be vigilant ahead of re-opening of borders

By ZBC Reporter

RESIDENTS of Matabeleland south have been urged to be extra vigilant to avoid contracting the deadly COVID-19 as the province readies to open its major ports of entry.

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services in partnership with Perch Media trust and the Ministry of Health and Child Care took the COVID-19 awareness campaign to Gwanda this Friday, where adherence to health guidelines took centre stage.

“We are here to remind you that Covid 19 is still very much a reality, you therefore as people of Gwanda ensure that you prevent yourselves from contracting the disease, through proper use of masks, social distancing and handwashing or sanitizing,” she said.

Perch Media Trust Director, Mr Collen Magobeya said with Gwanda being a transit town, there is need for residents to guard against complacency, especially as the number of holidaymakers from neighbouring countries is expected to rise ahead of the festive holidays.

“What we are saying is that when your loved one come back home, make sure they have authentic COVID-19 certificate. The government wants those returning to the country to follow the required procedures,” he said.

Recipients of the critical message said they had grasped the important role they have to play in minimizing the spread of Covid-19.

“We thank the government and its partners for coming down to remind us about very pertinent issues such as covid 19 and gender-based violence. I am sure that from today on we will change our attitude because there is evidently complacency nowadays,” they said.

The roadshow that was sponsored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Swedish Embassy also highlighted issues of gender-based violence, as the country is observing 16 days of activism against (GBV).

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