Covid-19: public laxity cause for concern

The nation is witnessing a painful reality of increased covid-19 deaths and infections as complacency takes root among the people.

Once again, the nation is sitting on the edge as the COVID-19 virus is ravaging communities – and this time around, it is more ruthless than it was during the first wave last year.

While the target has been flattening the COVID-19 infection curve, it seems the fight has just begun and it is a long way to go as infections rise every day.

covid-19 related deaths of prominent personalities have only served to highlight the severity of the current situation.

Unfortunately, the laxity among the public will cost the nation heavily as many move about recklessly and flout regulations by not wearing face masks in public.

The ZBC News crew undertook a survey across Harare, exposing the possibility of an imminent explosion on covid-19 cases if this complacency persists.

Public transport operators are not making it any easy and they too have become push agents for the spread of the virus.

The irresponsible behaviour of one individual will be costly for the entire nation, given that there are some who may be asymptomatic of the virus.

They say forewarned is forearmed and as the nation is at this difficult moment, it is certain that complacency will result in a heavy price that will rob families of their loved ones.