Covid-19: People with underlying conditions encouraged to get vaccinated

By ZBC Reporter
PEOPLE with underlying conditions have been encouraged to get vaccinated to boost their immune system and protect themselves against Covid-19.
With various theories being peddled on social media on whether people with underlying conditions should be vaccinated, the ministry of health and child has clarified the issue.
Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Dr John Mangwiro says it is imperative for people with underlying conditions to get vaccinated.
“These should be on the forefront as their immune system is already compromised and them not boosting it with the vaccine puts them at high risk. Those with Hiv still can get vaccinated and continue taking their other medicine as they have been doing,” said the Deputy Minister.
Dr Mangwiro also highlighted that studies show 90 percent of deaths related to covid-19 are from people who have not been vaccinated.
“This is science, post mortem results disclose that most deaths are as a result of covid-19 complications and most of them were not vaccinated hence we must follow advice from scientists simple,” he added.
As of this Friday, a total of 1 583 395 people had been fully vaccinated.