COVID-19: People with disabilities call for user friendly services

By ZBC Reporter
PEOPLE with disabilities have called for user friendly quarantine facilities as the number of Covid-19 positive cases continues to rise in the country.
With the number of Covid-19 cases in the country having gone beyond 4 500, people with disabilities say there is need for quarantine centres that are accessible and user friendly.
The Special Advisor to the President and Cabinet on Disability Issues, Dr Joshua Malinga highlighted that those living with disability are even more vulnerable during this Covid-19 crisis.
”This Covid thing sees no disability, the impact is likely to be felt more on someone with disability. It is therefore necessary to ensure that our health facilities dealing with COVID-19 are well resourced with people who understand sign language and other special needs from people with disabilities,” he said.
”It doesn’t cost much to put ramps and rails on these premises. During such a trying time we should make sure health services are accessible to everyone,” said Senator Watson Khupe, the National Senate representative for people with disabilities.
People with disabilities are also in urgent need of basic necessities like food, as the lockdown regulations have limited their ability to fend for themselves.
”We are aware that authorities are struggling with this pandemic, but we should not be forgotten. Of late we have seen food distributions delayed. We appeal to be given first preference on interventions aimed at cushioning people against the impact of COVID-19,” noted Ms Lizzy Longshaw, a Disability movement member.
Zimbabwe has so far recorded in excess of 4 500 cases of Covid-19 with more than 100 hundred people having succumbed to the deadly pandemic.

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