Covid-19: Parents concerned about learners’ future

Fears are mounting over the future of learners as the covid-19 pandemic continues to maintain a tight grip that has made it difficult for a normal return to schools.

As figures of local transmissions rise on a daily basis in the country, the virus is casting a gloomy outlook on the future of children who spent the better part of last year away from the walls that help shape their future.

The concerns are genuine, as parents fear that their children will not be adequately prepared even if the situation improves.

“I have a child in Grade 6 this year, but I am worried he may not be able to handle it because they did not have proper lessons last year,” said one parent.

It is a shared dilemma amongst parents, especially for those with children in lower grades and those that will be moving into exam classes.

An educationist, Mrs Magweva, explained: “It is going to be a burden to the pupil and the teacher as well because the time to prepare is very limited for a child in Form Three moving to Four.”

Without certainty, children now spend valuable time on less productive activities.

These are the unintended consequences of the pandemic, yet a reality that is settling deeply not only in Zimbabwe but across the globe.

Enquiries from educators highlight the impact this will have on children in the long term.

A local primary school teacher explained off-camera that children need to complete a syllabus before progressing to the next grade, while proper assessments are also conducted on the pupils to ascertain their preparedness to tackle the next level of learning.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is eliminating all these processes.

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