COVID-19: Mash East identifies isolation centre for suspected cases at Nyamapanda Border Post

By ZBC reporter
As Mashonaland East province takes precautions against Covid-19, the Ministry of Health and Child Care in collaboration with relevant government departments has identified a former holding camp which used to house refugees coming from east and central Africa at Nyamapanda Border Post as the isolation centre in the event of suspected corona virus cases.

However, the camp, which was handed over to council by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) five years ago, requires a facelift to enhance its suitability.

As part of assessing the province’s preparedness to contain the pandemic, a delegation led by Mashonaland East Minister of State Appolonia Munzverengwi visited the border post this Friday.

“As you are aware this is one of our strategic entry points and as a province, we thought it wise to come and assess our state of preparedness and I can say we are quite impressed,” Minister Munzverengwi said.

Mashonaland East Provincial Epidemiologist Dr Paul Matsvimbo and Mudzi District Medical Officer Dr Sam Matapure assured the delegation that they have put in place adequate measures to contain the disease.

Nyamapanda Border Post is the biggest and busiest port of entry in Mashonaland East, linking the rest of Southern Africa to Malawi and Mozambique as well as East and Central Africa.

25 000 people have already been screened for Covid-19 at the border post since January this year.