COVID-19: Concern over complacency

HEALTH officials in Bulawayo have warned the general populace against complacency saying the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over.

While the number of COVID-19 cases in the country has declined, health officials are worried that complacency could see a sudden spike that could spell disaster for the nation.

Mpilo Central Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Professor Solwayo Ngwenya says the country and the world is still battling to contain the pandemic hence there is no room for laxity.

 “There is a need for people to know that we are still under coronavirus conditions so we have to follow the laid down procedures to make sure we survive because the fears of a more serious spike are there and we have to avoid that by all means but this behaviour of not properly wearing masks and ignoring social distancing will cost us lives. Remember our facilities can’t manage this pandemic and there is no vaccine yet and we are looking at least two years before this pandemic is contained but people are behaving as if we are in the post-COVID-19 state which is not right so please be warned this pandemic kills,” he said.

A survey by ZBC News also revealed a worrying trend with most people wearing masks the wrong way.

“I can’t breathe properly with this mask so that is why I am wearing it this way,”

“We know how we are supposed to wear masks but sometimes it’s fine to remove it for a while,”

“True we have to be responsible citizens and do the right thing but people are not concerned at all its because they think it affects white people the most.”

So depressing were the responses, pointing to the need for more awareness campaigns if the pandemic is to be contained.