COVID-19: Are we heading for Covid-19 second wave?

By ZBC Reporter
OVER the past few days the country has recorded a slight increase in Covid-19 cases, with people now wondering if we are heading for a second wave of the pandemic.

A snap survey conducted by ZBC News revealed that most people no longer pay attention to the Covid-19 regulations, with many moving around without properly wearing their masks or completely removing them.
Crowds are far exceeding the stipulated number of 100 people per gathering, with social distancing being ignored, a scenario which the Covid-19 chief coordinator in the office of the President and cabinet Dr Agnes Mahomva says is most likely to see numbers going up.

“We are truly concerned about it and we do know that all the measures that we have put in place work and should really help us avoid this spike. What is really causing this is the fact that most people in the communities you and I seem to be tired on the preventative measures we should be doing and are not following them such as wearing masks, washing our hands with soap and water social distancing and all those things, in addition to that we have also learnt that people on the streets are complaining on the road that perhaps we need to step up the enforcement of these measures so that we don’t see these spikes,” she said.

This week, the number of Covid-19 cases has been rising gradually after declining in September.
In the past 6 days, the country recorded a total of 215 new cases, bringing the total number of Covid-19 active cases to 433.

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