Councillors for ED on spearheading development at grassroot level

By Lisa Masuku

ZANU PF  Councillors have been urged to push government’s developmental agenda at grassroot level as it is key in  the attainment of 5 million votes in the 2023 harmonised elections.

A meeting held in Bulawayo by Councillors on Friday saw the National Chairperson for Councillors for Ensuring Development, Mr Rodgers Nhari encouraging councillors to be foot soldiers in spearheading the Second Republic’s developmental mantra.

Lets be foot soldiers and play a central role in pushing development in our respective wards,” he noted.

Zimbabwe Local Government Association (ZILGA) president, Alderman David Mutasa said with most government projects being people centred, it is important for councillors to commit to working towards garnering 5million votes for the ruling party in the upcoming harmonised elections.

 “It is important for us as councillors to unite and push the government’s developmental mantra because most of the projects which are being introduced by the Second Republic are people centred,” said Mutasa.

Councillors for Ensuring Development is an organisation with a membership of 1 000 councillors from across the country whose agenda is to complement the efforts of government in pushing development at grassroot level.