Council blames it’s failure to collect refuse on ‘collection model’

By Lavender Chandisareva

HARARE residents are up in arms with the City Council for continuously failing to collect garbage at various bus termini, including Market Square.

One of Harare’s busiest bus termini, Market Square, appears to be suffocating from huge heaps of uncollected garbage, with buses struggling to enter the terminus.

Across the city, the situation is equally the same at the Charge Office bus terminus, where the sunshine city’s glow seems to have been replaced by garbage.

Residents of Harare are not amused.

“We are having challenges of vendors who come and dump their refuse here making the situation worse ,we also do not have enough bins in the town and as a result it’s causing a lot of heaps of trash.

“We wish for the city father’s to step in, bring us bins and collect refuse, this is not healthy and it makes us vulnerable to a lot of health problems,” said a resident who spoke to ZBC News.

However, Harare City Council spokesperson, Innocent Ruwende blames the local authority’s current refuse collection model, further claiming some unscrupulous elements are dumping waste at various termini during the night.

“The model of refuse collection we are using which is the linear model is no longer sustainable due to urban densification, growth of population and spacial expansion of the city and we are currently changing from this model to new system that will be collecting from door to door. For places like Market Square, we collect every day in the CBD but the problem is we have unscrupulous people, business people who are dumping litter during the night,” he said.

Market Square joins several other residential areas and parts of Harare where refuse has not been collected for months, throwing huge doubt on the capital’s quest to attain World Class City Status by 2025.