Corporal punishment – going beyond the rod

By Memory Chamisa

The issue of corporal punishment in schools has ignited debate after a video of a private school teacher beating up a male student went viral.

Corporal punishment in Zimbabwean schools is prohibited as the law provides that children are not subject to any form of physical or psychological torture, cruelty, inhuman and degrading treatment at school from teachers.

However, the video of a Maths teacher from Harare Einstein Tuition Centre has ignited debate with most parents expressing disappointment.

“What the teacher did was wrong. Yes, kids need to disciplined, but this was too much,” a parent commented.

Another said: “I believe kids must be sat down with and talked to instead of raising the rod.”

“Yes, students need a beating or two, but that was just too much he needs anger management classes,” another parent commented.

Legal expect Pamela Musiimwa spoke on the law with regards to corporal punishment.

“The Education Amendment Act clearly highlights that a teacher is not allowed to use corporal punishment on any child. The courts have indicated that corporal punishment violated the rights of the pupils,” she said.

The teacher has since been arrested and charged with assault.

This comes at a time when there are reports of cases where students are being subjected to corporal punishment which borders on abuse.